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Specializing in Organic Wines since 1998.

EcoVine Organic Wine Club - Organic wine vieyard


Join the natural generation and celebrate in style

at the meeting place of contemporary healthy living.


 EcoVine Wine lady bug promotes organic wine  No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides,

chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. EcoVine Wine lady bug promotes organic wine


EcoVine Wine is one of North America's most highly recognized Organic Wine Clubs and Organic Wine Merchants of the finest natural and organic wines. 

We specialize in carefully selected wines grown in unique organic terroir, each vineyard producing clean, fresh superior grapes that are both good for the earth and tantalizing for the palate. 

Sulftie Fre Wine Club GiftsSulfite Free Organic Wine Gifts         Syrah_grape_103_125.jpg    Organically Grown Wine Gifts 

   Organic, Sulfite-Free, Vegan and Biodynamic Wines  Choose from Any of our Four Categories   Join the EcoVine Organic Wine Club today! 


Sulfite Free Wine logoOrganically Grown Wines made with organically grown grapes using traditional methods.  They may have natural or added sulfites, but no more than 100 parts per million (ppm).   Conventional wine may have up to 360 ppm. read more>

Sulfite Free "NSA" Wines (USDA organic seal) 100% organic from start to finish.  Only naturally occurring sulfites (sulfur dioxide, a natural antimicrobial) are allowed in less than 10 ppm.  No sulfites are added during the winemaking. read more>

Vegan Organic Wines produced from 100% organic grapes and made using no animal-derived ingredients. read more>

Biodynamic Wines are 100% organically grown and produced, following a philosophy that combines the natural rhythms of the earth with sustainable farming practices as a wholistic interaction with nature. read more>

Featured wines are from family-owned wineries and master winemakers.   The grapes are from organic, sustainable, and biodynamic vineyards that maintain small production in order to hand-care for their produce.   We thoroughly research the wineries and the authenticity of their organic practices in the vineyards, selecting only the best wines.                                   

Many of our wines have either gone or are currently going through the certification process to be given an official non-GMO status. Read more about non-GMO wines.


  wineglasses.jpgCome along for a wine tasting adventure...

  while being respectful of nature and valuing your health!

 Join the EcoVine Organic Wine Club today!  

    • Two-bottle shipments start at just $39 (plus S/H)
    • Personalize your own club:
      • Choose monthly, every-other-month or our "Four Seasons" quarterly shipment club.
      • Select reds only, mostly red, a red/white mix, or mostly white
      • Select the number of bottles (2,3, or 4) in each shipment.
      • Wines are conveniently delivered directly to our home or office.
    • Wine Club Memberships may be changed or cancelled at anytime.
    • No membership fees.  No cancellation fees.  No long term commitment.

Treat yourself, enjoy hard-to-find organic wines delivered to your door...



ecogift114-128.jpgGive an unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion. . . Organic Wine Club Gifts for family and Friends

Organic wines are conveniently delivered to the recipient's home or office. You choose the gift and we do the rest.  Complementary gift letter included with your sentiments if requested. 

Select from Organically Grown, Biodynamically Grown, Organic Sulfite-Free "NSA", and Vegan Wines.




I enjoy the NSA wine club so much I had to share my experience!

"I just wanted to let you know what a pleasant experience it was working with Eco Vine Wine. 
I was a little unsure how this process would go as I have never ordered wine online before,
but I appreciate the constant contact to ensure the bride is enjoying her monthly wines.
So far she and her husband have been enjoying them!  Thanks again for your help."  -Maggie

THUMBS UP for the Eco Vine Wine Club – great to find a wine club that specializes in organic and no added sulfites.   Great selection and excellent customer service.  We’ll be back! – Mike and Jan Barnes  - Seattle, WA

"OK thank you wow there are still normal hospitality around! Omgosh! Is there someone or somewhere I can write an review about your wine club"?  Suzie

"Thank you again for making Christmas shopping for my son a pleasure and a homerun!  He was thrilled with his gift and is really enjoying your wines".  Gayle



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