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  EcoVine Organic Wine Club since 1998 Organic, Sulfite-Free, Vegan and Biodynamic Wines Organic Wine Club Gifts for family and Friends

From the very beginning of EcoVine Wine Club

I have been watching this club develop from an idea to a concept and now a reality. I had the opportunity to be one of the first wine tasters in the many of the afternoon gatherings. Twelve of us sat down and began the challenge to choose and evaluate the right wine for the club to offer it's members. With each tasting (and there were many) the wines kept getting better and better. I am please to have been involved since the beginning. Being able to enjoy a quality glass of wine that is chemical free is really a find. It's even better now, I can have a monthly selection delivered to my door.  - JM San Francisco wine enthusiast

EcoVine Organic wine at dinner time.

Life has only gotten better at our dinner table since we have found eco wines. We are enjoying the award winning wines that complement our organic lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the LeVin merlot and ordered an additional case for my cellar. Thank you for introducing eco wine to our meals. We enjoyed the recipes from the winery. I will be sending our favorite recipe in soon. D. Pope - Members since 1998

"NO herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers will be found in any of our wines."  Vicky Lorelli - Founder

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