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Sulfite Free NSA Wine

All wines contain a small trace amount of natural sulfite

No Added Sulfites in NSA wines from EcoVine Organic Wine Club

EcoVine Wine lady bug promotes organic wine The term "organic wine" refers to wines that have been made from certified organic grapes with no sulfites added (NSA).

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A small percentage of people, an estimated 0.4% of the population, are considered highly allergic to sulfites. Other people may have a low tolerance for sulfites and are considered sulfite-sensitive. Some "wine headaches" are simply caused by the alcohol in the product. Ironically, many consumers drink white wine, thinking red wines have more sulfites, when actually white wines typically do.

USDA_organic_seal_103.jpgFor those that experience unpleasant reaction to sulfites, "organic wines" are an especially good choice since no sulfites have been added and only minimal amounts of natural occurring sulfites that will, in most cases, lie below their threshold level. Regulations in the United States require that domestic and imported wines have warning labels if sulfites exceed 10 ppm (parts per million). Wines with less than 10 ppm are not required to carry the "Contains Sulfites" label. The term "organic wine" refers to wines that have been made using certified organic grapes and only have naturally occurring sulfites under 10 ppm.

The standards for organic growing of grapes encompass methods that are requiring a strong dedication to sustaining and revitalizing the natural health of our earth and our bodies. The practices require human interaction with the plants and nature. These growers are a dedicated group that understands the wonders that nature can produce with their "gentle" support.

Organically growing of grapes tends to originate with smaller vineyards that are unfamiliar to most wine consumers

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